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Information on a Washington state Criminal History Record Information (CHRI) from a background check could be confusing sometimes, and we’re here to assist. Information obtained from this website may not be used to produce, or incorporated into, a consumer report or an investigative report. IdentoGO Centers provide convenient, quick and precise Live Scan fingerprinting services. In case you have received a background check in the WSP, then we might be able to help you in clarifying the information inside the CHRI. This website does not provide, and you’re not to infer, any appraisal or indication of the character, general reputation, personal traits, lifestyle, customs, creditworthiness, or fiscal standing of any individuals or entities.

Whether you are required to be fingerprinted by a government service or to get job, our trained Registration Agents will ensure that your paperwork is in order, take your fingerprints, process the petition and have you on your way in no time! The Criminal History Records Section can’t answer any queries on the particulars of a court case — only the court of jurisdiction may do so. Information obtained from this website should not be used for credit granting, insurance underwriting, pre-employment screening, tenant screening, or some other purpose restricted or prohibited by the Fair Credit Reporting Act or any other federal, State, or municipal law or law. We provide Live Scan fingerprinting services for a wide variety of state agencies, programs and businesses such as: However, we’re in a position to help with browsing the Record of Arrests and Prosecutions (RAPsheet) and specifying common terms associated with arrests and dispositions.

No adverse action may be taken against any individual based on information provided by this website. Adoption, Attorneys and Legal Workers, Banking, Child Care, Construction Industry Licensing, Education, Firearm Permits, Financial Services, Health Care, Human Services, Insurance, Management Services, Mortgage Industry, Pharmaceutical Industry, Real Estate, Social Services, State Employment, Transportation, and a Lot More! If you need assistance, feel free to give us a call. Live Scan Fingerprinting FAQs. If you’d like access to public records information, we’ve got it! This website is a top Online Public Records Database which offers our members access to a vast array of public records.

In case you have received a background check through a business aside from the WSP, you need to contact that company for assistance on the data returned to you. Live scan fingerprinting is the process of recording fingerprints digitally using our advanced Live Scan system. Utilizing our system will save you time, effort and money and it might offer you invaluable data that equates to financial and personal protection as well! ACCESS. With Live Scan fingerprinting, there’s absolutely not any card or ink.

Our service will assist you in obtaining general information on nearly anyone. To visit ACCESS, please click here. Your fingerprints are "wrapped " across a glass plate and scanned. You may use our support for multiple functions such as: What is the distinction between a Conviction & Non-Conviction RAPsheet? Conviction RAPsheet = "Conviction" record means criminal history record information (CHRI) about an incident which has resulted in a conviction or other disposition adverse to the subject. It is faster, cleaner and more precise than the old roll and ink method. Staying conscious of exactly what ‘s occurring with people in living in your area Investigating potential romantic partners, care givers, contractors and much more.

There’s absolutely no restriction on dissemination of conviction criminal history information. A percentage of the population have hard to read fingerprints, which can be affected by age or exposure to particular kinds of work such as construction or from prolonged exposure to various chemicals. Don’t wait till its too late, find out the truth about people nowadays!