The special thing about a mini loan is that it can be paid off very quickly.

Mini-loans are also called short-term loans or 30-day loans. The lender itself pays the seller instead of the buyer. With the easyCredit offer, a completely new credit offer has been created for consumers for the first time. In return, the latter undertakes to reimburse the lender, according to conditions agreed between them, such as monthly payments, interest rates, the duration of the loan, insurance and related administrative fees.

This is due to the very short duration of mostly 30 days. Teambank AG, based in Nuremberg, is the operator. The car loan is exclusively reserved for financing the purchase of a vehicle: car, motorcycle, trailer, caravan, camper van, etc. as well as all the costs relating to this acquisition. Here, too, the providers differ in a few points.

Barclaycard Bank. It could be equipment, maintenance, insurance or even repairs. Depending on the loan amount and additional services, you can usually apply for longer terms here. The British company has also been represented in Germany since 1991 and has managed to establish itself on the financial market with innovative products to this day. In the following now the loan periods of the providers in comparison. These last costs will then be added to the totality of the loan which also depends on your personal contribution. smava.

Summary The basic term is usually 30 days and can be extended with an option. The total amount of the car loan cannot exceed 75,000 euros. smava is Germany’s first online marketplace for loans from private for private. However, we advise against booking an extension, as this is associated with additional fees. What are the advantages of auto credit? Private individuals can securely borrow and lend money via the smava platform and benefit from it. Insofar as the car loan is dedicated only to the purchase of a vehicle: car, motorcycle … it follows that the non-realization of one automatically cancels the other. Effective annual interest in comparison.

Auxmoney. The purchase of the good and the obtaining of the credit cannot therefore be done without the other, which is a sure guarantee for the buyer who does not take the risk. The main expense when applying for a mini loan is interest. Auxmoney is the alternative to common credit banks. The first monthly payment should only be paid by the borrower when he has taken possession of his vehicle. They are determined by the interest rate of the respective provider. You can create a loan project on this online loan marketplace.

The website has calculated exactly once: In the following we present you the annual interest rates communicated by the mini-credit providers as well as those calculated by If the sale is canceled or does not go through, the auto loan is also canceled. You determine the interest, term and amount. If, on the other hand, the buyer has not obtained the loan he needs to complete the acquisition, the contract of sale lapses. Mini loan providers in comparison.

Postbank. Summary Cashper clearly did the best. If there is a possible dispute regarding the purchase contract, it is possible to suspend the reimbursement, under certain conditions. Postbank is one of the few banks that looks after an extensive branch network in Germany and still offers lucrative financial products for primarily private customers. At the beginning of August, Cashper lowered the interest rate to 7.95%, making it the cheapest provider. In the end, the buyer does not have to pay off a debt for an item that he did not receive. Crediteurope Bank.

What is the difference between auto credit and personal credit? Ferratum Bank and Vexcash follow shortly thereafter. CreditEurope Bank has existed since 1953.

If you want to do the math yourself, you can do this with an interest calculator from the Internet. The car loan is only granted for the purchase of a vehicle, so the repayment of the first monthly payment does not begin until it is delivered. As one of the top 10 Dutch banks, the company has made a name for itself in the area of ​​internet credit. This is insurance for the risk-free borrower: if the sale is not made, he has nothing to repay. Express transfer and payout time in comparison. Volkswagen Bank GmbH. The special thing about a mini loan is that it can be paid off very quickly.

In addition, the competition is high and the rates can be very attractive. Volkswagen Finanz GmbH was founded as early as 1995 to support car sales financing. With the so-called lightning transfer or express option, it is possible to receive the credit within 24 hours. Personal credit is not reserved for any particular use. Today the offer is on current accounts, personal loans and much more. extended. The borrower uses it however he wants. However, if you book the express option, you have to expect very high extra costs.

CarCredit. It can be used for the purchase bad credit loans of consumer goods, real estate, carrying out work. We have compared the fees and the payout times of the individual providers so that you know exactly how quickly you can get the mini loan and what you have to pay for it.